Legacy Project

Legacy of Women’s Suffrage Project

Norma Williamson, Gail Ross

Women’s Equality Day

Pictured from left: Alessa Gomez, Krishna Hajari, Alejandra Espinoza, Leah Triana, Jamie Gokim and Amber Wang.

Young Women from the Legacy Project, a partnership between Career Tech Education/Community Partnership Office of ABCUSD and La Palma – Cerritos AAUW, are stepping up and showing leadership!

At the end of the August 26th, Women’s Equality Day event, 6 young women, under the leadership of Cerritos High School sophomore student, Aleesa Gomez, created an Instagram account pictured above. They have 31 followers! Congratulations Aleesa!


Amber Wang, a junior from Whitney High School, started a digital Voter Pre-Registration Drive at her high school in collaboration with 4 history teachers at the junior and senior level and with approval from school administration. Interested students were provided with the California Voter Registration website and reminded to know by heart, the last 4 digits of their social security number. Teachers also shared information on the drive to recruit high school poll workers. Students used their own electronic devices to pre-register. Great job Amber!

Select this link to go to a slide show all about the Legacy Project.  Legacy Intro PDF